9 Dec

When I ordered that pizza today, I also got a two liter of crack cola. I had about a half of it left until a few minutes ago. I poured it down the sink. I wanted to cry, really. Sometimes, I feel like an alcoholic when it comes to Coke. *sigh* Do they make twelve step programs for soda addicts. I can’t drink it anymore. Not just because of the sugar but it is a trigger for me. I drink it and I start to crave all the foods that I love to drink it with. Or when I eat those foods, I yearn for some crack to drink with them. Nasty stuff, that. I think that is one thing that I really cannot ever have again ever in my life. It is my drug of choice. I can’t even count the number of times I have tried to give it up. I have to. I have. to.


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