10 Dec

I got up this morning! I did! I did! Okay, not as early as planned but I did it. I decided not to go to the back and abs class because I did Pilates on Sunday and the weight training yesterday. I think the ladies deserve a day of rest. I have a tendency to go all gun ho when I start and then I burn out. Slow and steady, yo.

Anyway, I got up and after a FORTY FIVE MINUTE DRIVE, finally got to the (very ghetto Bally’s) gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I also weighed myself but it was almost an 8 lb difference from my home scale and the scale looked older than me so I am going to go to the nicer Bally’s near my house tomorrow. If I am going to have a hellish commute, I might as well go to a nice gym. Now I am going to eat my yogurt and grape nuts and drink my grapefruit juice.

You know, sometimes when I update this thing, it doesn’t post. I am wondering if my server is screwy. Must investigate this.


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