11 Dec

I went to Whole Foods Market this afternoon on my lunch break and spent $30. Yeah, that is a lot of money but I got a decent amount of food. And you know what is good about Whole Foods? They don’t sell Chef Boyarde. Or Doritos. Or Coke. Or Pizza Rolls. Or plain white bread. They sell really yummy, good for you stuff. I think maybe I should only shop there. Heh. If I can’t find it there, I just won’t eat it. How well would that work? I’d be damn broke, yo. But it is a good place to go. First of all, just being in there around all that healthy food makes me motivated. Plus, they play a lot of relaxing music and they have yummy samples of fruit and other goodies. I bought some Soy Milk. I have a problem with milk products. I am really really lactose intolerant. My old nutritionist felt that I am also allergic to other proteins in milk. Which is why even lactose free milk isn’t exactly my best friend. The chocolate soy milk is pretty yummy, I must say. I also bought some vanilla to try on my cereal. Should be interesting. They also have a beautiful seafood section that I am going to have to buy something from. I have that big grill I never use. Grilled veggies and meats are so much tastier. I need to add cooking more to my list of priorities.


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