17 Dec

I have been very lax about everything these last few days. You would think all the support I am getting from my online buddies would inspire me but I just feel like a big ol’ slug at the moment. Feeling sorry for oneself does not facilitate personal growth, no? Anyhoo, I am currently using the excuse that I *need* to be able to eat whatever I want because I am going home for the holidays. You see, I don’t go home very much. Twice a year at the most, right? Okay, so, part of the reason I am so damn fat is that mi familia drives me loco, yo. Hence the move 2000 miles away from the nutcases. (Note: Running away from one’s problems does one no good unless one actually does some running.) Also, there are a few eateries back home that do not exsist in Texas so I like to pretend that I can eat as much as I want at them because I only get to go there once or twice a year. Let me tell you, I am a PRO at the excuses! Aren’t those fabu? Don’t you wish YOU had thought of them?

What was my point? Oh, yeah. Valid excuses to stuff my maw and basically not take care of myself. And the scary thing is, I am very much okay with it while I am doing it. It is later, when I am stuffed to the gills and miserable that I remember how stupid I am. BLAH!!!

In the good news department, my Donna Richardson Three Day Rotation 2000 came in the mail today. Woo! Ordering the videos is easy. It is the doing them that I seem to find difficult. *snerk*

I seem to remember promising to be more positive in my posting. I will have to get to work on that.


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