Archive | January, 2003
9 Jan

I keep waiting to update this thing until I have something really uplifting and postitive to report. I had this vision in my head of this being some sort of triumphant, inspiring story about my journey to lose weight, much like the ladies linked over there to the left. I was going to start this and never make a misstep. I would inspire everyone! Woo!

Yeah. Well. I don’t have anything like that going on right now. And I have come to realize that I have selective memory concerning the journals that inspired this. Those women went through struggles and fell off the “wagon”. I also remembered that those moments of honestly about the difficulties they experienced really touched me and made their success even more poignant for me. I am going to just be honest and write about what I am going through and let the story just be told, binges and all.

6 Jan

Yeah, so, I suck. No. Really. I was very worried that I would be really bad when I went home for vacation. I didn’t do too bad, except for one little binge on the best egg rolls in the whole wide world. But when I returned to Texas? Dear lord, I have become the queen of the binge. I spent this past weekend on my couch or at my computer stuffing my face. The worst part? It was all PLANNED stuffing. I mean, I went to the store and specifically picked out things that I knew I loved to gorge myself on and looked forward to eating until I was almost sick!!! How fucked up is that? Very.

I really need to get back on my medication. My doctor cut me back because she wanted to see if it effected the little liver problem I have been having and then I ran out of pills and didn’t want to spend the twenty bucks on getting the prescription refilled. I can really tell the difference. I have been a basketcase lately and I have done nothing to stop myself. Yuck.