6 Jan

Yeah, so, I suck. No. Really. I was very worried that I would be really bad when I went home for vacation. I didn’t do too bad, except for one little binge on the best egg rolls in the whole wide world. But when I returned to Texas? Dear lord, I have become the queen of the binge. I spent this past weekend on my couch or at my computer stuffing my face. The worst part? It was all PLANNED stuffing. I mean, I went to the store and specifically picked out things that I knew I loved to gorge myself on and looked forward to eating until I was almost sick!!! How fucked up is that? Very.

I really need to get back on my medication. My doctor cut me back because she wanted to see if it effected the little liver problem I have been having and then I ran out of pills and didn’t want to spend the twenty bucks on getting the prescription refilled. I can really tell the difference. I have been a basketcase lately and I have done nothing to stop myself. Yuck.


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