31 Mar

Can we just forget the weekend even happened? Yeah, that would be great. I didn’t do horribly with food but it wasn’t exactly stellar. And let’s just forget about the fast food binge on Sunday, shall we? I should have fasted the whole weekend, what with the stomach cramps. I get really paranoid about digestive issues because of all the problems my dad had. It seems to have gone away for the most part but I had a few little ones this afternoon. I think maybe it is yet another wakeup call that if I don’t eat right, my body is going to make me pay for it. Food is for fuel, dammit.

So I am trying that whole many small meals thing to keep the metabolism up. I went to the grocery store last night and bought a bunch of heathly shit, including some Boca products. I had planned to get up early and make a decent breakfast but I didn’t sleep well due to the stomach issues so I hit the snooze. I ended up having some rye toast and orange juice instead. Not a lot of protien but okay.

My main issue is controlling my portions. I just eat until everything is gone, you know? I have no idea what it is like to eat until satisfied and leave stuff on my plate. How bizarre is that? Even when I packed my lunch, I probably made it bigger than I should have and I ate every last bite. I still don’t have a tight enough grasp on food=fuel as I should and it shows when I mow down on the food. I think that will be my goal for dinner tonight. Small portions and not eating until I feel like bursting.


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