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30 Apr

Ug. I cannot get my ass out of bed early in the morning! I mean, I was sooo tired last night and I finally got to bed about 10:30 which would have been okay but I could NOT fall asleep. My body was so ready but my brain was not. I have the hardest time being a morning person. Blech. I know it is better to get up and exercise in the morning but I cannot seem to get myself to do it. Grrrrr.

I had some leftover Chinese food for breakfast. I have no idea why. I am so freaking weird. Also, I need a nap? *yawn*

29 Apr

So this tells me the following:

1710.5 calories per day is your Basal Caloric Rate.

This is no more than:

57.018 grams of fat (30%)

64.145 grams of protein (15%)

235.20 grams of carbohydrate (55%)

2223.7 calories per day recommended for your Active Caloric Rate.

This is no more than:

74.123 grams of fat (30%)

83.389 grams of protein (15%)

305.76 grams of carbohydrate (55%)

No less then 1210.5 calories per day recommended for safe consistent Weight Loss.

This is no more than:

40.351 grams of fat (30%)

45.395 grams of protein (15%)

166.45 grams of carbohydrate (55%)

At this safe consistent Weight Loss Caloric Rate, you will lose 1 pound every 7 Days

So, my 1,500 cal a day goal was a pretty good target, I think. And I do my best to stay under 60g of fat, so that is good too. I am not sure about the carbs. I will have to go back and look at that. I wish FitDay was more accurate. I really liked the WebMD version better because their selection of food was better. Oh well. If I continue to make smart choices and exercise, FitDay’s accuracy won’t really affect me.

29 Apr

So, I went and had the blazing noodles for lunch. I did my best to only eat one serving but I think I ate a little too much. First of all, I ordered edamame for an appetizer so I could fill up on some nice soy protein before the starch bomb was brought to the table. Unfortunatly, while I was in the bathroom, they brought out both the appetizer and the entree! I know most people adore fast service but I wanted to ease in to the meal, you know? I gathered my willpower and managed to eat a fair amount of edamame before digging in to the noodles. I made sure to just put enough on my plate to equal about one serving, making sure to add the pea pods, tomatoes and carrots along with the chicken and noodles. I had to force myself to eat slowly because it was sooooooooooooooo good. I only went back the plate for one more spoonful but, really, I shouldn’t have because I was pretty much full by then. Next time, I am going to get a to go box before I start eating and put everything but one serving in the box. I think that is the best way to control my urge to eat the whole plate. I never want to do that again!

The person I was with, who is also a diabetic, ate all of her shrimp! She spent 5 more minutes eating after I had put my food in the box. I used to be like that. Cleaning my plate because the food tasted so good and I wanted to eat it until my body begged me to stop. I refuse to put myself through that any more. Now I have enough left over that if I want, I can have some for a snack later today and probably once more for lunch this week. It is healthier, and more economical, to only eat until satisfied, you know? I have to tell myself that over and over and over again while I eat. I have to remember that it took 27 years for me to build up the tapes that are looped in my head and it will take a lot of time and FOCUS to change those tapes.

29 Apr

Man, I think I am hitting a wall. It’s only been a week and a half! I just have to bear down and plow through it! I was going to go to the gym yesterday morning but I could not get out of bed. Mondays are no fun. *snerk* I did my cardio and strength training when I got home, though. I did get up this morning and go. Of course, the gym I went to has that stupid sign up thing that I didn’t see when I got there so some dude interupted me before I was done. Plus, the sign up is only for 30 minutes. Um. What if I want to work out longer than that? Stupid gym. The one closer to my house but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away from work is so much nicer. Dammit! I find it almost amusing that I am upset that I couldn’t work out longer. See, I don’t have a problem once I get there. I like working out. It’s the getting there that I have a tough time with. Stupid gym.

Going to lunch with my old boss today. We are going to the Chinese place I adore. I told myself that if I got up and worked out this morning, I could have the spicy noodle dish I love so much. I hope I can control myself. *L* Wait, I know I can. I just need to get a to go box right away and put everything but a serving in it and not open it again until it is time for second lunch! *stomp* I can do it, yes I can.

27 Apr

Popcorn for dinner is not exactly healthy. But! Still didn’t go over calories or fat and I worked my ASS off yesterday at the gym. I set up a fitness blog to keep track of my progress. That makes three blogs now. *L* I don’t think I am being obsessive. I mean, all I am doing is journalling about what is going on. I just choose to break it up in to three specific journals.

I am a wee bit sore today but it is a good sore. It doesn’t hurt too much and it makes me feel accomplished! My plans for today include making some summer veggie soup. Yummy! Soup is a savior for me because you can make them easily and as long as you season them right, the veggies are a joy to eat! Part of my experiment today includes adding fresh basil instead of Mrs. Dash stuff. We shall see!

26 Apr

So, yes, I had Arby’s for dinner last night. But, I didn’t have any fries and that Beef & Cheddar tasted soooooooooooooooooo good, ya’ll. And, as I said, I had enough calories left over to allow for it. I pretty much doubled my fat grams but I was still under 50 for the day, so I think that is cool.

I also didn’t work out yesterday but I think 7 days in a row is pretty good. I did get a nice workout watching a Margaret Cho DVD, though. Laughter does burn calories! Anyway, I plan on going to the gym this afternoon and making up for yesterday a bit. I might go for 40 minutes on the elliptical. Woo?

25 Apr

I got my blood sugar tester today. Wooo? Now, I am going to Arby’s and I am going to have a Beef & Cheddar because I have the calories and the fat grams alloted to do so. Woo! Treat for me!