18 Apr

In response to Erin’s weekly challenge at the Lose the Buddha forum, I got out all my fancy cookbooks to make myself something tasty and good for me. I found a roasted pepper and tomato soup and a roasted squash and garlic soup recipe that I liked and decided, since I didn’t have any squash, I would kind of combine the two to create my own soup. It took too long to have for dinner (no eating two hours before bed!) so I will have to have it for lunch tomorrow but I had a few spoonfuls and it was very yummy! I think it would make a good pasta sauce, too, if I thickened it up a bit. I am going to have it with some tuna and crackers for lunch tomorrow.

I actually enjoy cooking, although I wish I had nicer stuff to work with. I think I will ask for a William and Sonoma gift certificate for Christmas. I love that store. Anyway, it is nice when you put a bunch of stuff together and it works out to be something good. I *have* to eat more fruits and veggies and less bread and pasta so I must force myself to be creative and use all these wonderful cookbooks I have. The tomato cookbook is definitly my favorite. I think it is impossible for me to get tired of tomatoes, thank goodness.


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