21 Apr

Everyone at work has been really supportive. I even had two women tell me they had old monitors at home I could have if I need them. Isn’t that nice? I can’t believe how much more wonderful this job is compared to my last one. It is like night and day, yo. Two meals down for today and I am still doing good. I must do some moving when I get home. I am not sure what I will do. If it isn’t rainy, I might just walk the dog. I did the dance aerobics part of the Donna Richardson Three Day Rotation yesterday. It was actually quite fun and the 20+minutes went by pretty fast. My heart rate was up and I was sweating, so I think it did me good. I would never do it where other people could see me, though, because I am sure I looked a fool. Her steps were not that complicated but I was so uncoordinated. I liked it because she made it more like dancing, lots of swiveling of the hips and flayling of the arms. Fun stuff!


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