22 Apr

Oh, gurl. If you could have just seen me dancing around my bedroom like a fool! I was very lazy this evening and I came *thisclose* to not getting my exercise in for the day. I was really going to just skip it! The horror! I was going to give up 4 days in a row of keeping my promise to myself to move every day for at least 20 minute! Jeesh.

Luckily, I realized the folly of this and decided to do something before bed. First, I was going to do the Pilates that I downloaded but the codec got messed up so I got out the Pilates Mix dvd I bought around the holidays but even the rejuvination section was a little much for me. I decided to settle for dancing around my bedroom like a fool.

I loooooooooooooove to dance. I will bust a move any time, any place, y’all. It kind of sucks when I go to a dance club and when I really start grooving, some overgrown 13yr old “man” has to start pointing and mocking. I mean, I am not even that fat. But that isn’t the point. The point is, I am sometimes self-conscience about my dancing when in public but when I am alone in my room? Oh yeah. Dancing fool. I used to do it ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. Make up dance routines to my favorite songs and just go! I enjoyed it so. damn. much. So, I have decided that when I don’t feel like walking or do to the gym, I will dance around my bedroom.

Tonight, I was in the club with Britney, Justin and Christina and we were grooving hard core for over 20 minutes, yo. Now I am beat! Woo!

Still, I am glad y’all couldn’t see me because, well, I am a dork. Heee.


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