23 Apr

princess wee wee linked to TheSkinny Daily Post and her entry today was so good that I am going to have to read her archives.

It is amazing to me how we all have the same thoughts and experiences, no matter how much or little we have struggled with weight. I love reading about people who are successful because I see that they have the same fears and barriers that I am dealing with right now. I know that if they got through it, so can I. Love me up some success stories, y’all.

Speaking of which! I went to the best Chinese food place ever and had a bowl of their wonderful Hot & Sour soup whilst my co-workers at plates full of rice and chicken covered in yummy sauces. Was I jealous? Yes. Did I enjoy my yummy soup? Hell yes. Then I came back to the office and had an apple with peanut butter for my mid-afternoon snack. Woo! Go me!

Um. I also bought new underwear and a bra at VS after lunch. Technically, I am not breaking the “no new clothes until I am down a size” promise because I desperatly need new underwear and the bra was too cute. So, yeah. Plus, I deserve an award for 6 straight days of staying on my personal food plan. Go me again!


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