24 Apr

Still feeling the good. Trying to revel in it instead of being frightened by it. It’s working okay so far!

I realized that my calorie counting has been off for the past few days because I was entering the amount for a whole cup of Grape Nuts instead of a half. Ooops. That is almost 200 calories. Silly me. Still, yesterday, it helped me because when I made dinner, I included a salad and cut my portion of pasta and sauce to one cup because the wheat pasta, while yummy and good for me, would have pushed me close or maybe over 2,000 calories for the day. Now, I love me up some pasta, okay. And I never thought in a million years that I could measure out a cup of pasta with meat sauce and be satisfied. Even a week ago, I would have laughed at anyone who told me that. Usually, I eat every bite of the pasta I boil. No matter what. You’re full? So what! There is still yummy pasta there! Have some bread, too! Oooh. Is there anymore Coke? That was my life. Was. I just said was. Hmmm. Okay, see? Getting excited here because ate a reasonable portion and a salad for dinner and I didn’t die!! That might be a little far fetched but, still. I am amazed.

Why do I feel the need to keep questioning why this is working? It’s like all the sudden I have been given a new talent I’ve never had before and I am not quite sure what to do with it. And I fear, like that guy and his little mouse, that my genius will fade and I’ll be left with the memory of being able to eat right.


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