25 Apr

Mmm. This evening was. interesting. After I ate some soup for dinner, I was still feeling, well, ravenous, really. Like my mouth was watering and, ug, I wanted food. Not a specific craving just FOOOD! I just drank some water and told myself NO! But when I went to input what I had eaten for dinner, I realized I had only eaten about 1,000 calories in the day!! EEK! No wonder I was hungry. I mean, I felt okay during the day with my tuna sandwhich and stuff but man, I was so hungry! Especially after my 40 minutes of working out. So I had some more of that pasta and meat sauce from yesterday. I probably should have waited a bit longer and I think I probably ate a little more than necessary but, even with that, I didn’t go over about 1,600. It is going to take me awhile to get the hang of it all, I think.

My mom says I can’t count calories forever and, you know, I agree. But right now, I need to feel my way around a bit and if I am accountable for everything I put in my mouth, I am much more concious when I make my food choices. Sure, a Whopper sounds great but when I input it in to FitDay, it is going to tell me I used all my calories and fat in one meal! That is hard to look at, yo. And I just don’t want to do that to myself anymore!


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