27 Apr

Popcorn for dinner is not exactly healthy. But! Still didn’t go over calories or fat and I worked my ASS off yesterday at the gym. I set up a fitness blog to keep track of my progress. That makes three blogs now. *L* I don’t think I am being obsessive. I mean, all I am doing is journalling about what is going on. I just choose to break it up in to three specific journals.

I am a wee bit sore today but it is a good sore. It doesn’t hurt too much and it makes me feel accomplished! My plans for today include making some summer veggie soup. Yummy! Soup is a savior for me because you can make them easily and as long as you season them right, the veggies are a joy to eat! Part of my experiment today includes adding fresh basil instead of Mrs. Dash stuff. We shall see!


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