29 Apr

Man, I think I am hitting a wall. It’s only been a week and a half! I just have to bear down and plow through it! I was going to go to the gym yesterday morning but I could not get out of bed. Mondays are no fun. *snerk* I did my cardio and strength training when I got home, though. I did get up this morning and go. Of course, the gym I went to has that stupid sign up thing that I didn’t see when I got there so some dude interupted me before I was done. Plus, the sign up is only for 30 minutes. Um. What if I want to work out longer than that? Stupid gym. The one closer to my house but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away from work is so much nicer. Dammit! I find it almost amusing that I am upset that I couldn’t work out longer. See, I don’t have a problem once I get there. I like working out. It’s the getting there that I have a tough time with. Stupid gym.

Going to lunch with my old boss today. We are going to the Chinese place I adore. I told myself that if I got up and worked out this morning, I could have the spicy noodle dish I love so much. I hope I can control myself. *L* Wait, I know I can. I just need to get a to go box right away and put everything but a serving in it and not open it again until it is time for second lunch! *stomp* I can do it, yes I can.


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