29 Apr

So, I went and had the blazing noodles for lunch. I did my best to only eat one serving but I think I ate a little too much. First of all, I ordered edamame for an appetizer so I could fill up on some nice soy protein before the starch bomb was brought to the table. Unfortunatly, while I was in the bathroom, they brought out both the appetizer and the entree! I know most people adore fast service but I wanted to ease in to the meal, you know? I gathered my willpower and managed to eat a fair amount of edamame before digging in to the noodles. I made sure to just put enough on my plate to equal about one serving, making sure to add the pea pods, tomatoes and carrots along with the chicken and noodles. I had to force myself to eat slowly because it was sooooooooooooooo good. I only went back the plate for one more spoonful but, really, I shouldn’t have because I was pretty much full by then. Next time, I am going to get a to go box before I start eating and put everything but one serving in the box. I think that is the best way to control my urge to eat the whole plate. I never want to do that again!

The person I was with, who is also a diabetic, ate all of her shrimp! She spent 5 more minutes eating after I had put my food in the box. I used to be like that. Cleaning my plate because the food tasted so good and I wanted to eat it until my body begged me to stop. I refuse to put myself through that any more. Now I have enough left over that if I want, I can have some for a snack later today and probably once more for lunch this week. It is healthier, and more economical, to only eat until satisfied, you know? I have to tell myself that over and over and over again while I eat. I have to remember that it took 27 years for me to build up the tapes that are looped in my head and it will take a lot of time and FOCUS to change those tapes.


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