If the world ended tomorrow, I’d want at least one more box of chocolate before it all went black

29 Aug

I have that whole “starting a new lifestyle” thing going on in my head right now. You know, on Monday, I’ll do suchandsuch. But right now, I am having a triple cheeseburger and a doublefudge sundae. (I’m not doing that, btw, I am just sayin’!) Studies have shown that doesn’t really work. Duh. I mean, planned binges before the big lifestyle change? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it isn’t going to work. Yet, the lure is so tempting. Just a few more brownies, one more slice of pizza, then I’ll be good forever and ever and ever.

If I lost a pound for every time I’ve done that, I wouldn’t have to worry about my weight anymore, I swear.


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