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26 Sep

I had a big ol’ breakfast this morning. I ate more than I should have and I suffered for it. I can’t stand the feeling of my t-shirt against my skin and that just made it worse. Then, I just went out to lunch with co-workers even though I wasn’t even that hungry. I couldn’t even enjoy my favorite Chinese place because I was eating when I wasn’t hungry.

What is UP with that? Why do I do these things?!!? I mean, I am pretty self-aware. I know what issues got me to this point. I am just so lazy. I want to be able to do what I want and be rewarded. Nothing is going to change until I give up that notion. Hopefully, this new job will help cure me of some of my laziness. Yay to the two story bookstore!


Bluh, I say. Bluh.


I have defeated the devil’s elixir

18 Sep

Okay, before I start, just forget the part about eating McDonald’s for dinner last night. Right. Anyway.

So, Eric went to get some McD’s last night and offered to pick me up something. Specifically, the 2 cheeseburger meal and a Diet Coke. When he gets back, I take my food in to my room because his sister is getting ready to watch Paradise Hotel and I hate that fucking show. (Even though I totally went out and watched the end because I had to see who got booted out!)

I crank up the S2 Alias ep and get to eating. I take my first drink and think “um, that is weird,” but continue to eat. After about three drinks, it dawns on me that it is regular Coke. Yes. REGULAR COKE! Something I have not had in over six months!!

I snatched up the offending liquid and dashed out into the living room. I handed it off to the roommie, ran to the kitchen for a can of Pepsi One and ran back in to my room. Even though I could have sat in my room, drinking the Coke, no one the wiser!

See! See? I can do it. And honestly, it tasted kinda nasty. Thank Goddess, or I might not have been able to control myself. Heh. No. Really. I would have done it anyway because I have worked so hard to go this long. Woo! One thing accomplished.

Only 1203982109318202 other things to go!


10 Sep

I finally remembered to bring my glucose meter to work today. I checked my sugar a few hours after lunch and it was much lower than it is when I check it on the weekends. I have a feeling that walking to the printer, other people’s cubicals, etc. really does add up. I must remember to get up between quarters or something on the weekends and move around so I don’t go blind and lose my legs before I am 40.

Glucose meter says what?

8 Sep

It turns out the Dr. Pepper wasn’t really the problem. I took my sugar reading yesterday about two hours after lunch and it was still way high. Yikes. I guess my body really doesn’t like to create insulin. I have got to start taking better care of myself. I do not want to be on meds or have an insulin pump!

So I went for another walk on Sunday and ended up doing 20 minutes on the eliptical machine instead, as the dog would no cooperate. I forgot to bring my meter to work today so I don’t know if it helped any. Of course, I had a giant serving of Pad Thai for lunch today, so I am not sure walking 324281329 miles would help after that.

Sugar Sugar, how’d ya get so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh?

6 Sep

I had a Dr. Pepper with my lunch today because I was out of diet soda and water doesn’t really go all that well with hot dogs and football, ya know? So, I checked my sugar after the game was over (Woo! GO BLUE!) and it was a whopping 247. Yikes! After two hours, it should not be that high. I certainly didn’t enjoy that Dr.P enough for it to be so high, that is for sure. So, that certainly got me motivated. I strapped on the MDplayer and went for a nice walk around the apartment complex. It is such a beautiful day outside, especially after all the rain we have been having. I walked about 35 minutes total, which was not all that hard. As long as I have a little JT to rock to, I am okay. I checked my sugar when I got back and it was 90! Ha! So, yes, something as simple as walking really does make a difference. My doctor was right. Imagine that!

What have I learned? No regular soda! Walking is good. Michigan kicks ass.

Impressive lessons, no?


4 Sep

I was futzing around at My Virtual Model. Sometimes, I like to get a wee taste of what I might look like without all the extra weight. It’s like before/after without the work. *snerk*

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news

4 Sep

I had my doctor’s appointment this morning. It was not as traumatic as I expected it to be. Even though I fell off the wagon, down the mountain, over the cliff, I still managed to lose 6lbs since my last visit in May. Woo! At that rate, I’ll be at my goal weight by the time I’m 40. *snerk* She seemed impressed though, so that is all that matters. *l* She wants me to buy one of those odometers and walk 10,000 steps a day, with every step I take counting. Um. I think it might be easier if I just took a walk at lunch or something. Also? Cheaper.

I checked my sugar for the first time in a long time last night and it was actually very good. I dunno. I think my body likes to fuck with me. Still, I am sure giving up Coca Cola has probably done a lot for my blood sugar issues. I miss it very much, so it better.