Sugar Sugar, how’d ya get so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh?

6 Sep

I had a Dr. Pepper with my lunch today because I was out of diet soda and water doesn’t really go all that well with hot dogs and football, ya know? So, I checked my sugar after the game was over (Woo! GO BLUE!) and it was a whopping 247. Yikes! After two hours, it should not be that high. I certainly didn’t enjoy that Dr.P enough for it to be so high, that is for sure. So, that certainly got me motivated. I strapped on the MDplayer and went for a nice walk around the apartment complex. It is such a beautiful day outside, especially after all the rain we have been having. I walked about 35 minutes total, which was not all that hard. As long as I have a little JT to rock to, I am okay. I checked my sugar when I got back and it was 90! Ha! So, yes, something as simple as walking really does make a difference. My doctor was right. Imagine that!

What have I learned? No regular soda! Walking is good. Michigan kicks ass.

Impressive lessons, no?


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