I have defeated the devil’s elixir

18 Sep

Okay, before I start, just forget the part about eating McDonald’s for dinner last night. Right. Anyway.

So, Eric went to get some McD’s last night and offered to pick me up something. Specifically, the 2 cheeseburger meal and a Diet Coke. When he gets back, I take my food in to my room because his sister is getting ready to watch Paradise Hotel and I hate that fucking show. (Even though I totally went out and watched the end because I had to see who got booted out!)

I crank up the S2 Alias ep and get to eating. I take my first drink and think “um, that is weird,” but continue to eat. After about three drinks, it dawns on me that it is regular Coke. Yes. REGULAR COKE! Something I have not had in over six months!!

I snatched up the offending liquid and dashed out into the living room. I handed it off to the roommie, ran to the kitchen for a can of Pepsi One and ran back in to my room. Even though I could have sat in my room, drinking the Coke, no one the wiser!

See! See? I can do it. And honestly, it tasted kinda nasty. Thank Goddess, or I might not have been able to control myself. Heh. No. Really. I would have done it anyway because I have worked so hard to go this long. Woo! One thing accomplished.

Only 1203982109318202 other things to go!


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