17 Jun

I look very cute today. I’ve got on my new pink flirty flowery skirt with my fuschia tank top and by new funky brown shoes. I am the picture of sassy. People always tell me I should wear more bright colors, and I really should. Unlike the Pink Princess, I favor bold, bright pinks to her soft, feminine ones.

Still, I find it hard to shop for colors. In most stores, The Fat Lady Sections, as I am wont to call them because laughing at yourself sometimes keeps you from crying, teach me that I should wear navy blue and black, with the occasional baby blue or maybe get wild with a dash of coral. Everything should be baggy and boring, because you don’t want to draw attention to your big fat nasty self. On occassions when you do, there should be copious amounts of ruffles and/or animal prints. And never, under any circumstances, show any cleavage.

The only way to dress semi-normal is to pay ridiculously over-the-top prices at speciality stores like Lame Giant Lane Bryant or go bankrupt by filling your closet the Emme’s latest creation. I guess I should be thankful that I have an opportunity to fasionable at all, right? I mean, my thinner friends can stock up on the most adorable clothing from Target and other low-price shillers. Cute colors and stuff that is actuall in style! How glorious that must be!

I realize that the only thing between me and the ability to buy those clothes is, well, me. That doesn’t make it any easier to go shopping as I am now. Still, when I look this cute, it makes me wonder how good I’d look if I could dress like this all the time and still afford to pay my rent.

It’s been awhile since I update this thing, but I was inspired a bit by a new blog. She makes some good points that I really needed to hear. I mean, my life, for the most part, is going pretty well. I’m more financially secure than I have ever been, my job is full of friends and isn’t took taxing on my brain, I have my own place that I adore, etc. etc. All the things that I like to say are standing between me and being healthier aren’t there anymore. The only thing standing there now is me and all my issues. I guess I need to get to the other side of that rope she’s talking about and kick my own damn ass.


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