24 Jun

Man, Linda at Losing the Cow is just so damn good, I can hardly stand it. I love love love this:

3. You should want to lose weight only for pure, noble, warm-hearted reasons. Never be angry. Never want to please anyone.

Okay, this is where we discuss the seven deadly sins.

Sloth and gluttony are kind of not helpful, I will grant you. The other five, however, are valuable tools in my personal arsenal, and I use them regularly. Pride? Obviously. Envy? Yep. Lust? Um . . . heh. Anger? Done it. Greed? Please. Heard anything about the differences in pay between fat people and thin people recently? That’s five deadly sins that are on your side and only two that are working against you. With odds like that, there’s nothing to do except embrace sin, within reason.

I mean, yes, for the most part, my motivations are pure. I want health, I want control, I want blah blah blah. Much of the time, I’m hippy-skippy-productive-positive-thinking girl about all of this. But if what it takes on a particular day is concentrating really hard on how much I want to stick it to some piece of shit who yelled an insult at me out of a goddamn car window in 1994 because I had the audacity to walk down the street? Then on that day, that’s what it takes. My subconscious mind certainly isn’t polite about the crap it sometimes tosses out to mess with me; I might as well throw everything I’ve got back.


I am not sure how good it does me to read such brilliance right after I inhaled breakfast from McDonald’s but there you go.


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