Archive | November, 2004
14 Nov

I went to the grocery story yesterday and spent $100 on food that is good for me. So, today, I ordered a pizza. Heh. BUT! I ordered a Fit ‘n Delicious Low Fat Pizza from Pizza Hut. I was actually quite good. I like my pizza with more sauce than cheese and the crust was nice and crispy. Since I had a pretty low-cal breakfast, I could get away with 4 pieces. I mean, it’s probably not smart to see how much food I can “get away with” but I figure whatever works for today, works for today. It’s better than the deep dish pepperoni pizza that I wanted to order.

I am amazed at how much food is on my mind when I am trying to eat healthier. I want to eat all the time. It’s weird and frightening and I would like to turn my stupid brain off. I end up staring at my food log and counting the minutes until I can eat again. I don’t even know if it is hunger or not. It probably isn’t hunger. At least not a physical one. But whenever I am not doing something when I am at home, I just want to eat until it am stuffed and then lay in a carb coma until it is time to go to bed. That’s not a really smart plan.

This weekend hasn’t been too bad. I got up early on Saturday and got some stuff done. And today, I am trying to deal with the laundry. I still want to lay down and sleep but I haven’t completly stuffed myself, so I guess that’s a win for the day. Of course, it’s not quite 3pm yet, so we shall see how it goes.

11 Nov

Self has created a new online tool called The Self Diet Club. Not quite as amusing as The Girl’s Bike Club, but probably a bit more helpful. So far, I am enjoying it more than FitDay, mostly because it is nicer to look at, but also because it’s a little more user friendly and includes the option of meal plans, complete with shopping lists!

I thought about starting out with a 1200-1300 calorie goal to lose 2lbs a week but then I changed it because, whoa, drop in calories much? I think I might be better served if I shot for the one pound range I originally typed rage there and considered leaving it, all things considered and then if I feel comfortable, dropping the calorie intake. One of my big big big BIG problems is that I try to do too much at once and look at the GIANGANTOR picture instead of just trying to live healthier. Slow and steady wins the race. The very long, painful race. Heh.

Anyway, I am giving it a try to see if maybe, just maybe, I can follow a decent food plan for a week. We shall see!

Does the camera add 75 lbs?

9 Nov

Ug. Nothing gives one more of a reality check than candid pictures from friendly gatherings. When did I get those chins?!?! Is that really my waist? Or, you know, lack of waist?!?!

I’ve tried to eat well today but it’s 3:30 and I am jonesing something fierce. I need a snack pronto or there is going to be some serious scarfage going on.