Vacation, all I ever wanted

12 May

So, check it. I went on vacation, had some bread and some chocolate and LOST A POUND!

Excuse me while I go dance in the streets! *dances*


Okay, seriously. I walked my ass off on this trip. Everywhere we went, it was park the car, walk walk walk walk walk. Hills and beaches and streets and stairs, oh my! But I did watch what I ate and wrote it down in a little notebook, too.

I will not say that I cheated, because I think that is the wrong mindset. I enjoyed my vacation. I mean, going to San Fransisco and not having a sourdough bread bowl is torturing yourself. Going to Giradelli Square and not having a piece of chocolate is, honestly, self-mutilation as far as I am concerned. I ate as many salads and non-starchy things as I could find but I had the occassional treat. I few pieces of the best fried calamari ever made. A cup of hot chocolate on a chilly night. A few bites of a delicious cranberry scone. Two slices of heavenly veggie pizza. And yes, even eggs benedict. I also found some awesome low-carb tortilla chips with flaxseeds and soy flour at Trader Joes. Of course, they don’t have online ordering and there isn’t a store in Texas. Stupid Trader Joes!

So now I am home and ready to continue eating better. I’ve got the memory of how good all of that tasted AND I am comforted by the knowledge that I actually have it in me to eat in moderate and make sensible choices. Yes, it was only a week but I started off just one meal at a time. I think working up to a whole week is something to celebrate! Woo!

And next, we add the working out. If I can get up early to watch Veronica Mars before work, I can get my ass up and work out, yo.


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