A little light in the ranch, eh?

7 Jun

Okay, I took this recipe for King Ranch Chicken and modified it by cutting all the ingredients by a half, omitting the margarine and using 2% milk shredded cheese. I also cut the tortillas down to, well, 1 and half La Tortilla Factory Low-Carb/Fat Whole Wheat Tortillas (these suckers are pretty darn big!). Just enough to give it some substance. Even with using regular cream of chicken (chicken verde actually, which I highly recommend!), according to the Self calorie thing, it comes out to about 350 calories per serving if I make four servings out of it.

Is that right? It seems to be! I can’t imagine that something that tastes that good could be the cheap in the calorie department. If I added a nice spinach salad to it, it would probably be even better and still around 400 calories for a meal. Next time, I might add a little more of the tortillas, though. It was kind of soupy.

And if you are wondering? The tortillas are actually very good, especially for whole wheat. They can get away with the “low-carb” label because they have a lot of dietary fiber, so it’s more of a net carb sort of thing. I know you have to be careful with stuff that is labeled “LOW CARB!” but these seem to be legit. I didn’t see anything in the ingredients that was particularly frightening and whole wheat flour was the first ingredient.

Oh! And for the record? It turns out that Sara Lee bread is 100% whole grain! I could have sworn it was, but I couldn’t find it on their site. It must be extremely new or something. But it does exist and it is whole grain goodness at only 45 calories per slice, ya’ll. That’s a beautiful thing.


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