it comes in pints?!?

24 Apr

I went to the grocery store and bought $70 worth of food. Lots of fruits and veggies. Oh joy! I didn’t go completely crazy with the low-carb. If I decide to go that route, as it worked last time, I am going to need to ease into it. I figured I’d start by maybe not buying frozen pizza and ice cream. Score one for the good guys!

Then when I got home I cleaned out the freezer. So much wasted food, I almost cried when I had to throw it out. That’s why I tried not to go too crazy at the grocery store. I hate to waste food like that so I really need to be reasonable about things. But now I have a cleaned out freezer with only one little pint of chocolate ice cream to go with the fruit and veggies. Score two for the good guys!

However, since I was supposed to have done all that this weekend and instead spent it laying around on my rapidly expanding ass, I am going to call it even in the good v. bad struggle.

In other news, I should not had the giant chicken burrito and chips from Chipotle for lunch because now all I want to do is go to bed. I suppose getting 14 hours asleep would be a good way to keep my calories low. Heh.


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