dear universe: stop making it MORE difficult

12 May

Okay, today? I’ve been desperately trying to make, if not super healthy, at least *better* food choices. For example, this morning, we went downstairs to the greasy BBQ place that has THE BEST hashbrows in the whole wide world. But I? I did not order them. I ordered scrambled eggs and, er, bacon. But still! Baby steps. So when I get back to my desk, I find that I have fried eggs AND a big pile of hasbrowns. Thankfully, a co-worker traded me eggs and I gave her my hasbrowns.

Then! At lunch, I ordered a half-order of hibachi chicken (which usually comes with yummy stir-fried veggies) and a California roll to go. When I got back to my desk, there was just chicken, no veggies and big pile of white rice. *head desk*

WORK WITH ME HERE! Jeez. *sigh*


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