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accidentally in love

24 Mar

I just had this little guy

for breakfast with a little granola sprinkled in and YUM! Actually, I barely even put any granola in because the yogurt was SO GOOD! And I am not usually a big fan of yogurt without a lot of stuff in it but…seriously, YUM!

And! In my search for more info about them, I came across Yummy Diet Food. No, it’s not as offensive as it sounds. *g* It’s sort of like Hungry Girl for people (like me!) who are sometimes horrified by the crazy chemically substitutes she likes to put in her recipes.

Speaking of, I accidentally ordered a billion bottles of caffeine free Diet Coke last week instead of the regular SUPER AWESOME MORNING/NOON/NIGHT caffeinated Diet Coke. Let’s not talk about how I am sleeping better and stuff now, okay? Okay. (But I totally am!) I figured I might as well go with it. And if by the time I run out of those billion bottles, I am still walking upright, I might try to phase the diet soda out all together. If it doesn’t have sugar OR caffeine, it’s just chemical filled water, yes? We shall see. I think I probably end up eating more when I have soda with my meals too. Maybe the universe made me mess up on my order to send me a message?

I also invested in some very nice pans that should be delivered to my doorstep soon. I am hoping the nicer weather and fresher produce will inspire me to cook more. Ha. We shall see!