2 May

Here are some random things I’d like to accomplish in no particular time frame:

– Make my own chicken/veggie stock
– Wear sassy belts
– Take a yoga class
– Get an alarm clock that does not lose time
– Send back the Netflix that’s been sitting next to the TV for months
– Squirrel money away for regular pedicures

I am still alive, in case you’ve been checking back here to make sure. Therapy is going well, I think. I am desperately trying not to get frustrated by the amount of work I feel I need to do. I remind myself daily that I am dealing with 30+ years of habit making so it will take time to turn it around. And I am doing my best to not give up entirely when frustrated.

This week was particularly bad for a number of external reason and then my mother is coming to visit next week. And, oh, did I mention my therapist is out of town during our regular Monday appointment? I will survive it!

I suppose I should add survive the week to my to-do list, eh?


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