Sunday, Sunday, ba dah ba dah dah dah

16 May

The BFF, The Queen and I went to Ikea today so I could get some organizational stuff, especially for the kitchen. If I am going to cook more, my kitchen definitely needs some changes.

So I picked up some big jars for pasta and such, some little glass jars for spices, some food containers and one of each of these:

The top drawers are filled with tea bags, seasoning mixes and one for garlic bulbs, and then the bottom is for lentils, rice, quiona, etc. I am not sure if they are air-tight enough for long time storage, so for right now, most of the stuff is in the bags I got them in at the store. But still! I like the way it turned out. I may find another place for my bread and store my spices on top. We shall see.

(The things on the fridge are my magnetic Indian spice kit from my lovely friend Jenns. I love them! Though I would caution that you have to be careful with the lids, as I dumped a pile of garam masala on the floor once when I knocked it off the fridge.)

After I was done with that, I got the crockpot out to makes some BBQ chicken (I just poured BBQ sauce and some hot wings sauce instead of the dressing and such) and made up a big bowl of this feta lime cabbage slaw. I think I am going to roast some baby carrots later to go with.

While the chicken is cooking, I decided to give egg muffins a try. First, I had to figure out if my eggs were fresh and they all passed the not-floating-or-smelly test! Then I added some deli ham to all the cups and then picante sauce and cheese to 6 and then I went crazy and put a little chive cream cheese in the other six. They are cooking right now so hopefully they will turn out and I will have breakfast for the week! I may be even more brave and try to freeze some for later.

More gold stars for me! 😀


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