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this is pretty much me right now

3 Aug

I figured it was a good night to dust this off, since I made the healthy food blog staple known as kale chips for dinner. It’s a milestone that everyone who is trying to eat healthier should pause to commemorate. I didn’t….hate them? I mean, I like salt and olive oil, so that part was good. And they didn’t have a really strong veggie taste. So, yay for surviving that.

Anyway, I hit a rough patch about two months ago and I am just getting back around to feeling steady again. The combination of trying to cut back on therapy and dealing with my mother kind of exploded in my face. So it’s back to every week and trying to take deep breaths when dealing with the mothership. Dr. D suggested I just picture her as a cartoon character. Anything to get through it.

And the basic theme of just about every session is how I am so resistent to self care. I don’t know why I seem to dislike myself as much as I do but things aren’t going to get better until I figure out how to let that go. Just typing that out makes me sad.

So we are back to baby steps. Breakfast and lunch weren’t that healthy but dinner was. I didn’t do the dishes but I organized them neatly on the counter. And then I cleaned out the fridge a little so it will be easier to stock it with healthier things when I get around to that. Then I start all over again tomorrow. That’s as far ahead as I want to look for now.