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proper equipment

22 Jun

Yesterday was supposed to be the first run for my 10k training but I really didn’t want to leave the house. So after my daily meditation, I decided to do the strength training day earlier in the week. 10 Minute Solution – Kickbox Bootcamp has been collecting dust since I ordered it on January 3 (yes, I am that girl who orders fitness DVDs the first week of the new year) and I figured being able to only do two ten minute workouts would be better than say something from the Jillian Michaels sweaty hell collection.

I think I made the right choice. It’s pretty easy and definitely for beginners. There is always part of me that wants to start off doing really complicated, long workouts, as I want change NOW NOW NOW! But, as this blog has demonstrated time and again, that doesn’t really work for me. Now I’m trying the non-judgment route. Anything that gets my ass off the couch and ends up with me sweaty is a good thing. Even if it’s just dancing around the living room to some Beyonce for 10 minutes. And yes, I have done that and perhaps will do it tonight to warm up for running.

Anyway, in an amusing bit of irony (I think?), I used the TV and DVD remotes as dumbbells during the upper body stuff because all I have is 3lbs ones and I don’t think I am quite ready for that. See? In the past I would have used them and then not been able to lift my arms for a week. I did feel a little silly waving around the remote controls but in a way, it was nice. I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where I just don’t care what anyone else thinks of me, especially when I am working out. I don’t wear my glasses when I run so I can’t see their faces anyway. And if I am worrying about how I look or what they are thinking, it sort of defeats the purpose of exercising because it’s good for me and I deserve to be healthy. That doesn’t have anything to do with that guy I work with who is waiting for the bus and just saw me run by looking really sweaty in my Capitals hat.